Awesome Tips For First Time Mom With A Preschooler

These past days, I have been seeing posts about how proud my batch mates are, as their children graduated from high school and some from college.  I feel happy for them but this is not my case.

I started my journey as a first time mom only at the age of 38. For the past two years, I had won the challenge of breastfeeding and running after her when my daughter started walking. And this year, I’m facing the preschooler challenge! 

Here are some tips I got from my sister. 

  1. Bring your child with you to the school a few times before the class starts. 

Mia becomes really more excited when she sees the colorful classroom!  She tries sitting on the chair, writing on the blackboard and keep looking at the different pictures on the wall.

  1. Adjust the daily routine before the class begins.

I now give Mia a bath after breakfast. She now knows she will dress up for school starting next week.

  1. Believe and trust your child’s teachers.

I had a one on one talk with Mia’s teacher. And I feel more comfortable now as her teacher sets an expectation. I feel assured that her teachers don’t only have the expertise but more importantly have a passion for teaching toddlers.

  1. Arrive early at school and leave promptly. 

Leaving Mia for the first time in school won’t be easy.  To be honest, it will be easy for Mia but not for me. Lol! My sister told me to arrive at least 10 minutes early so Mia can explore and get comfortable with the other children. Bid a loving “See you later.” and leave. 

  1. Enjoy quality time for yourself.

Mia will be at school for 2 hours daily. It’s best to spend this time to relax and refuel. Simple Truth says it best: We must commit to our own well-being and self-care, lest our flames flicker out. So take some time, sweet sisters, to rest, recoup, relax and regroup.

My journey of having a preschooler just begun. I know there’s so much more to learn. And I would love to hear your experiences and best practices too as we go along the way to mastery.

By: Charie Dimayuga


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