Is my son smarter than average?

Every child is unique and develops differently. They are the perfect combination of their mom and dad, so they possess different traits and strengths from others. We often compare our children to others and makes us wonder if they are at the same pace or progress differently. The result can be positive or alarming, as it also reflects on us as a parent.

My son grows and develops at a different rate with other children. He is way ahead of his age academically; maybe it’s because he is more interested in academic or educational kinds of stuff. I am convinced that he is special. He never ceases to astound us with his intelligence.

I am honestly proud of my son’s achievements and his abilities. He knows how to read, simple addition and subtraction, and an expert in geography all by himself at age 4 (with the help of apps and YouTube videos). He has natural potential, and as a mother, it is my job to fuel those interests for maximum development.

As a parent, I feel under escalating pressure in raising my son to be a better version of myself and is expected to succeed. I don’t want to be judged by others; I have my standards or a different approach to raising my son. There is no perfect formula to be the best parents, but the most important things we can give to our children are our unending love, guidance, and support to them.

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