No need to choose.. CAREER vs FAMILY

CAREER vs FAMILY? This is a common battle women face especially when one enters the stage called “MOTHERHOOD”.

We mothers see motherhood as the most rewarding job any woman can ever have mainly because time spent with family, particularly with our children, is more valuable than and money earned nor spent.

But is it really practical to take a step back and and leave your generously paying job?

Deciding to quit on your job is not easy. The hardest part of the process really is the time when you are contemplating whether to throw in the towel to be a stay-at-home mom or work for long hours almost everyday to be able to provide the best for your kids thus, missing half of their childhood.

But is it really necessary to choose between the two? Is there no third option?

According to, ” There is third way, a golden middle ground, in which you can have both a fulfilling career and a healthy and happy life.”

Today, working at home has been the #1 answer to a mother’s dilemma of balancing career and making their family happy. 

Working at home has a lot of benefits and Business Insider has listed the 7 Best Reasons to Work from Home.

There is a balance for everything. You don’t need to draw a line between work and family because today’s technology has made way for it. Hurrah! to work-at-home moms out there! 


By: Pearl Santiago 05.21.19





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