My Jeju Island Trip

Jeju Island is the pride of South Korea and known as ‘The Island of the Gods’ and recently called ‘The Hawaii of South Korea’. Jeju was declared one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature in a 2011 global poll. And eventually it became a popular tourist destination because of its stunning beaches,coastal walking trails, volcanic lanscape, rich in historical museums, and delicious food. Precisely, this island has so much to offer.

My first three photographs as I arrived in JeJu,stress from the connecting flights, but my excitement to explore the Island keeps me going. As I reached the airport exit, I saw a man holding a piece of paper with my name written on it. I introduced myself to him, and he responded to me saying " Welcome to Jeju, How was your trip?, I am your tour guide" . I was so lucky to have a friendly,welcoming and helpful guide.

From the airport going straight to the hotel for check-in and for some few minutes nap. Breakfast was served at 7:30am and my journey will start at 8am upon the schedule. The weather was cold as expected, but the cold didn't bother me. At the hotel lobby, my tour guide patiently waiting for me. We chitchat for a while...

….. and Now Let The Journey Begin...

I visited first the Cheonjeyeon waterfalls located in Jeongbang-dong. They said it is the largest waterfall in South Korea. It is 72 ft. high and 39 ft. wide. At the bottom of the waterfall is an artificial pond to help keep the water at a specific level and being a habitat of the marbled eel. Since I am a waterfall chaser, I enjoyed and felt relax seeing and hearing the sound of the falls, but still I can say Philippines' waterfalls are unbeatable.

Cute and cuddly teddy bears that children will surely enjoy!!!!!

Next destination, is the most expensive Teddy Bear Museum in Korea located in Jungmun Tourism Complex on Jeju Island. Here you will find everything you want to know about Teddy Bears, from cute, cuddly bears to historical event and to current drama cast. Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju boasts a unique collection of teddy bears to entertain visitors, especially the young ones.

Beautiful flowers and oranges are gorgeously arranged along the streets that makes Jeju more colorful and attractive. How I wish I can pick those and bring back home.

Jeju Islands' large petaled cherry blossoms make for an especially beautiful landscape. Spring is one of the best season to visit Jeju where you can see the spectacular, light pink cherry blossoms. However, any day of the year we can see some cherry blossoms, but not as beautiful during spring.

On the following day, I witnessed the beauty of The Jusangjeolli cliffs located in the coast between Jungmun-dong and Daepo-dong,Seogwipo-si, the rock formations are very unique that can only be found mainly in this Island.This cliffs are basaltic lava rocks form during high tide rise and its lava suddenly cooled, shrinking in mass forming the many cube-like blackish rock pillar, the perfect works of art of the sea.

Next spot to visit is the Hallasan Mountain in Jeju-do, it is a shield volcano. Hallasan Mountain " means high enough to pull the galaxy. It is the highest mountain in South Korea and famous for its vertical ecosystem of plants, that's why it is written in Unesco World Heritage. The mountain can be seen from all over the places on the island, but its peak is often covered in clouds. The Daytime hiking and mountain entrance are strictly enforced to allow hikers to climb down the mountain before sunset. During winter, the mountain will be covered with snow that will last for few days.

I prepared for this day, I eat a lot because I need to burn more calories for this scenic landscape featuring a very long walkway to view a sizable crater. The Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, also called 'Sunrise Peak" in Jeju-do is a tuff cone crater, formed many years ago by a volcanic eruption underneath the sea. It is a Unesco World Heritage site with most famous geographical features. It's very uphill hike, but you will be rewarded with the amazing views at the top and good thing is the path is well maintained.

On same day, we headed to the Maze Park in Gimnyeong, the maze has seven images incorporated in it . The maze is in the shape of the Jeju Island and its images that can be clearly seen above include the following: a serpent, native horses, the ship, the Sparrowhawk, the bronze Age, and dolmens. All of these images are famous symbol in Jeju Island. Among the activities this was the most memorable for me, indeed it was really fun and you will meet new friends inside the maze.

On the last day, we went to the Jeju Folk Village Museum in Jeju Minsokchaean.. More than 100 traditional houses and 8000 folk artifacts are housed in this cultural village for an education immersion and viewing pleasure. It was known as the Shooting Place of famous Korean Drama " Daeganggeum".

Then went to Seopjikoji Lighthouse located in Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo. This lighthouse is set at the top of a hill, and has spectacular views out over the ocean. It's also known as the 'Wishing Lighthouse', as locals believe it has the power to grant wishes. The elegant lighthouse has been featured in a number of dramas, including All In and Boys Over Flowers, and Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Seolhyun shared their first kiss here in romantic drama Orange Marmalade.

Must try Seogwipo Street Foods, so tasty, affordable and it was well-prepared.

Since Jeju is an island surrounded by water, most of their food are made from fresh seafoods. They offer large selection of their delicacies, but my favorite was the black pork, both chicken and pigs are raised in organic practice. You can see restaurants everywhere and most of them has a great view of the sea. All I can say is that, food in Jeju are fresh,healthy and delicious that every tourist must try.

Then I watch the famous Nanta Show. This is basically non verbal comedy show , as they do a slaptick play that mimes the story of cooks who are preparing for a wedding. The unifying element throughout the musical is the use of traditional Korean samul nori music, which in this case is performed with improvised instruments, such as cutting boards, water canisters and kitchen knives.

The day has come where I need to say goodbye to Jeju Island and to my best tour guide. Clearly, the days I spent there were not enough and I would have absolutely loved to stay longer. Been to many places but this magestic Island captured my heart. And now, as I recall the vast array of activities and sights that could be done and seen, I realized this Island is worth for a second time visit.

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