Blue Ternate Tea: A Mom’s Bestfriend

Being a mom, how do you feel about the spread of fake food products in the market? If not fake, how about the amount of preservatives in every food we give to our kids? Alarming right? This may be the reason that people have shifted to natural or organic products. Blue Ternate or Clitoria Ternatea  has been creating abuzz for its natural benefits.

It is a native drink in South East Asian countries made by boiling the fresh blue butterfly pea flowers or dried blue butterfly pea flowers in water. Simple but has amazing effects. Here are some.


1. Home Remedy to Headache

2. Treats Asthma naturally

3. Natural Remedy to diabetes

4. Treats Insect Bites

5. Prevents Fatigue

6. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

7. Good for Hair and Skin

8. Anti-Oxidant properties

9. Anti-Ulcer Properties

10. Anti-Inflammatory Properties


To plant this butterfly pea seeds, soak butterfly pea seeds overnight in water and plant them in small pots next day and water regularly. It will grow in 2-3 weeks time.

So here you go moms, find your own blue ternate and give them a sip! 🙂

♥♥ Karleane A ♥♥


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