My First Europe Trip(by LJ Tomines)

Hi Guys!  I just want to share my experience on my first ever but too short trip to one of the countries in Europe- Germany.

Ok! So I was invited to attend a sales training and meeting by our Supplier in Germany last September 2018.  The meeting was only for two days. I know right! It is too short.  The next day after the meeting is allotted in traveling back to Frankfurt to catch our flight the following day back to UAE. Oh well since it’s my first trip to Europe I decided to extend one day for a city tour.

I had butterflies in my stomach during the flight since I am flying alone. That’s not all; I have to take 2 different trains to reach the place. It’s a 6-hour flight and my train trips were a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes. Before my flight, I did some research to have an idea of what to expect especially in taking the train. Watched travel blogs and I even sent messages to a travel blogger who did a travel blog on how to take the train in Germany for some tips. The blogger is very accommodating and gave some tips and videos to watch just so I am prepared with the trip. Better prepared than not right? And also it gave me the confidence that I can reach my final destination without getting lost! Hahaha. I purchased my train tickets online and just so to secure a seat I pre-selected a seat as well. With my “baon baon” na knowledge and tips from the blogger (hahaha I do not have baon baon na German words) I was able to figure out on how to transfer from the airport to the train station, which platform to stand, how to find my cabin number and my seat number. I’ve learned from this travel on top of doing your research, do read signs. That’s the reason they were there anyway and when in doubt, don’t be shy to ask. Another thing I’ve learned in traveling to Europe is that because their mode of transportation is mostly train  …. TRAVEL LIGHT and make sure you are able to carry your heavy luggage in and out of the train and also you are able to put it up in the overhead compartment. Good thing there are still some who are willing to help. During my travel, someone had helped me carry my luggage and put it up and down from the overhead compartment. Oh yes, gentlemen still exist at this age!

Of all the countries in Europe Germany has the best collection of amazing castles. I had the chance to visit the Schloss Lichtenstein or Lichtenstein Castle. Reaching the castle took us a maximum of 15 minutes by car from our hotel. Going back we decided to walk down the mountain and took us 1 hour of hiking to reach the hotel. The walk was fun but scary because we are not familiar with the area and we just relied on google map. The path is slippery and one mistake you will be rolling down the cliff. Moreover, we have to move fast so we will be able to go out of the forest before it gets dark. There are times we took wrong turns and have to go back and figure out where to go. So just imagine being lost in a forest and wouldn’t know if something might come out. Scary isn’t it?

So here are some of the photos



Lichtenstein Castle: is a tourist attraction privately owned by the Dukes of Urach. It is situated on the steep cliff located near Honau in the Swabian Alp of southern Germany. It has been described as the “fairytale castle of Wurttemberg”. The name Lichtenstein translates as “shining stone”  (to read complete information please click here

A guided tour is being done inside the castle. The tour is in German but there is also an English guided tour at a certain time of the day. We were lucky that the guide speaks fluent English and translate what she said in German to English. But don’t fret because they will be giving you pamphlet in the entrance written in English so you will know what they were talking during the tour. Photos are not allowed inside as it is still privately owned. To check what to see  inside and for more information about this tourist attraction please click here

Here are the photos I took nearby our hotel in a cold early morning. Temperature is 12 degrees but nope! It is not winter yet it is still summer there.


museum 2

Wilhelm Hauff Museum: Museum of the popular German writer of XIX century.  He became famous to this region with his Novel “Lichtenstein”, story about the adventures of an  Ulrich knight, his friend Georg and a girl named Maria von Liechtenstein. His work was considered the best historical novels of the XIX century.

The museum often hosts animated excursions for children with animated characters from favorite fairy tales. The reason the museum is open on Saturdays and Sundays only from 2-5PM only. Full information can be here

The castle at the top is the Lichtenstein Castle. Imagine the walking we did to go down the village.
what a lovely view
surround 3
oh well I have to be in the picture as well

Here are my photos in Frankfurt:

Frankfurt is the business and financial centre of Germany and the largest German state. It is known for its futuristic skyline and the busiest German airport.

Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof -Train Station

During my one day stay, walked along the Zeil street which is the heart of Frankfurt ’s shopping scene. It is the home of the top department store Galeria Kaufhof and MyZeil shopping center. There are other tourist attractions which you can visit but I only managed to take a few photos.

Galeria Kaufhop
Zeil street


saw two more couples to be wed before them

Römerberg: which is the old centre of Frankfurt having numbers of historic buildings dating from 14th and 15th century (many were unfortunately destroyed during the World war I and rebuilt afterward). It serves as Frankfurt’s town hall were wedding are being officiated. Cafes, restaurants and shops can be found here. By the way, souvenir like a simple ref magnet is really expensive. Managed to only buy few at around 3 or 4 euro each. To get the full details about Frankfurt and some of the tourist attractions check it here and this link as well.

So that’s it. Ladies the reason I shared this is not to boast or anything. This can be a reference to anyone who will be traveling in the future. But my main reason is that I want everyone who is in their lowest point, sad and in a situation where things are not really going their way to never lose hope. During this time I was in a lot of life challenges, I feel sad I feel alone. I never expected that I will have this chance to see other parts of the world. But know that Life is full of surprises. God is always faithful to his promises. As the verse from the bible says He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine (Ephesians 3-20).

Love Love

Talk to you soon!



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